The PEP Iinitiative

The PEP Initiative is a registered Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) with its headquarters in Abuja, Nigeria. The PEP Initiative was founded for the specific purpose of strengthening citizens and citizens’ organizations in Nigeria. The founders recognized that a number of grassroots development initiatives and locally driven citizens’ organizations.

The strength of any nation reflects the strength of its people, and the contribution the people make to their own development. A strong, people driven, value driven sector (citizens’ sector) is fundamental to the long term sustainable development of all nations. Strong and sustainable citizens’ groups require not only highly motivated, committed and competent leadership, but also good governance, strong management, clear strategy, successful fundraising, demonstrated results, public profile, and effective policies, procedures and organizational systems. Citizens therefore need affordable, appropriate, competent and effective capacity building inputs and support, if they are to build upon their innate capacity and strong commitment to their causes.

Through effective campaigns, PEP Initiative has enhanced citizens’ civic engagement in new democratic dispensations. PEP, working with other liked-minded NGOs spearheaded alot of developmental projects.

PEP continues to promote participatory development methodologies which empower communities to set their own development agenda by setting achievable community action plans and seeing them through the implementation and sustainability phase. In this plan period, PEP will increase its focus on supporting communities in Natural Resource Management and Integrated Community Livelihoods, as well as engage in advocacy for formulation of an effective policy framework eventually leading to good governance at all levels.

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